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The Most FAQ
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THE perennial favorite, most FAQ seems to be"So, what exactly is it that you do?


This is followed closely by:

What is this “energy work”? 

What results can I expect?  When? 

Why doesn’t it seem to work sometimes? 

Who comes to you? 

Do you need to ‘believe’ in anything? 

How do you work at a distance?



I have been trying to answer these questions, for years.  It is getting easier.  Sort of.

Here’s the thing:  these are simple, perfectly reasonable questions, but the trouble is - they are incorrect!

They are appropriate for linear, compartmentalized, physical/mechanical systems of thought - but not for realities that are open, fluid, interconnected, multi-dimensional.

Having said that, what adds to the confusion is that these two perspectives are not mutually exclusive, but their game rules are not quite interchangeable either. 

Each brings to the table toolsets and disciplines that derive from its own particular frame of reference.  Each has value, and both are valid – and practical

So how to address these questions?  

I am a fan of the indirect approach myself, and why not?  An understanding of the general premises for hands-on healing modalities (or what I call ‘subtle energetic work’) will go a long way towards providing a opening to the answers for the above, as well as for the new questions that will arise.  Here we go:

  • All matter is energy.  Each individuated system has its own ‘signature’ harmonics - which is to say, a unique characteristic ‘note’ that is an expression of all the frequencies in its make-up. 
  • This energy is subtle – etheric, if you will – and very different from the ‘no pain, no gain,’ “calories in, calories out” variety.  There are energetic bodies or inter-permeating layers which correspond with the various aspects of our being, e.g., the mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.  The potential for 'healing' is greatest where 'transgradient' layers are engaged.
  • Consciousness is a function of this overall vibratory rate and is entwined in the physiology.
  • “Healthy” systems are ones where the subtle energies are full and free-flowing, in harmony and balance.   On a simplistic physical level, all hands-on healing approaches  – and a plethora of other techniques and disciplines --  promote this healthy flow of “life-force energy,””chi,” or “prana.” 
  • Things get interesting when we explore the many types of blockages to this flow.
  • There is a higher intelligence that underlies, surrounds and supports creation as we know it – the same “One” that holds universes together runs through us as well.   “It” has many names.   My personal favorite is “Love.” 
  • Love is the alchemical component to this work. 
  • The other ‘intangible’ (which in my book really makes a difference) is the ability of the practitioner to hold a steady ‘space’ and to maintain neutral clear focus – to connect from the heart with the client, and heaven, and earth.  Techniques are useful as a 'cookbook' reference – an ingredients checklist and general procedural guide – but the ability to engage, to support the client’s process in order to facilitate a shift – is an art, and a gift of grace.
  • This ‘space’ and connection extends beyond space and time as we ‘know’ it – and so it is quite possible to work energetically even when there is an apparent separation of physical space or time.

So why doesn’t it seem to work sometimes?

I believe that part of the answer is that these processes do not work in a linear way - they are not solutions or 'fixes' to problems. THEY SUPPORT CHANGE, which has to come from a deeper level.

By 'deeper level', i mean the body's higher intelligence to heal on a physical level; the emotional healing that comes out of the updating and upgrading of thoughts and beliefs that were born out of a less mature time in our lives; the releasing of fear-based, unconscious limitations that we collectively carry; the shift to a higher vibratory (consciousness) level in order to view and create from a higher perspective.   The trick then is to re-integrate all of these shifts as we create our everyday lives - in balance - whether we choose a 'good and simple life' or a complicated one in high gear.

We each have our “stuck” points, born out of our own stubborn core beliefs, convictions, judgments, fears.  From my own observation, many of us also have extremely complex and devious ‘ego-constructs’ which will stop at almost nothing to keep our sense of personal identity intact, even to the point of freezing its own growth/evolutionary process.  Add to this a strong will, and we have virtual bullet-proof protection against change - unless we hit a brick wall at high speed.

Despite this, though, the good news is that real change can occur when we are truly ready.   There needs to be a deep willingness to let go of everything we thought we know to be true, to receive and to allow our whole way of looking at things to change.  Short of that, no matter what we do or have done for or to us, there is no significant change on the inside, and so no significant change in what we create for ourselves on the outside.  It is only putting a band-aid on the "problem" - which we created in the first place, in order to be able to look at ourselves more clearly.

This kind of transformation usually doesn't happen overnight.  It sneaks in, more like "a thief in the night" as my teacher Michael used to say.  And i would have to agree that this is exactly my personal experience as well.

I believe that our best hope for accessing and 'reprogramming' ourselves is still the work that we are doing, although I also sense that we are collectively perched on some major breakthroughs which will make these approaches seem antiquated.

The proof of whether it 'works' is not whether it solves a problem -  or produces predictable “results.”  That would be an incorrect evaluation of the 'proofing process."   It is whether there is incremental movement towards a way of being that arises from an inner alignment with who we really are - a feeling of clarity, freedom, ease and correctness.

And when we add our own gifts and strong personal desires to that, we have the capacity to live from that place and to create 'things' - the outer forms that are the window dressing of our lives.