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"The Heart is Key."

We seem to hear this wherever we turn nowadays, but what does it mean? 

Many, or perhaps most of us, believe or THINK we know what it is to be in the heart, to love without condition.  And most of us have experienced moments of this.  But few know how to live this, or get ‘there’ in a moment’s notice, especially in moments of upset - even after years of ‘hearing, thinking, and "getting it" - as a concept. In those moments, the best we can do is to project what we believe it is about – much like asking the question “What would Jesus do?”   Which really is not the same thing! 

Drunvalo Melchizedek’s "Awakening the Illuminated Heart (ATIH)" is a beautiful body of work that guides you step-by-step into the Sacred and Tiny Spaces of the heart in an instant (with practice,) and also empowers you to access truth in the Unified Field, vs. the dualistic experience of the brain.   No matter what your natural learning style, we will help you to experience this and to live from here, to know the Truth of who you really are, which really is who we are.   In the Sacred Space, you may explore your Akashic Records.  In the Tiny Space you will experience the natural, automatic activation of your Light Body or Merkaba field, and we will help you to remember how to create "anything you want" from this place, using your own inner technology. We will share the teachings of many Indigenous tribes on how to move with Mother Earth, in our physical bodies, as she ascends.  And there is more! 
This latest and very timely teaching is held within the context of Drunvalo’s life work – his deep love and understanding of Sacred Geometry – teachings which have come to him from numerous masters and spiritual traditions, including Toth, many Ascended Masters, and his own angels. We will begin to appreciate how all life here in 3-D unfolds according to these patterns and relationships, and who we are as multi-dimensional beings.  It is a truly transformational experience.  
If this calls to you - Please!  Pay Attention.
As a preface and pre-requisite to this workshop, we highly recommend that you read Drunvalo’s "Flower of Life," Volumes I and II, and  "Living in the Heart."   Please also view Drunvalo's introduction on the School of Remembering website.
For over 12 years, Yuk Yee Li-Downs has offered classes in “New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation (NPMDT),” - formerly known as "Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing" as sponsored by St.Germain through John Armitage. She is very happy now to add "Awakening The Illuminated Heart", the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek.  ATIH provides more of a male, left-brained, physical and practical guidance on how to be fully here, living in the heart, connected to Mother Earth and All Life Everywhere, which balances NPMDT's fluid, intense, intuitive way of accessing, clearing, and aligning all of our multi-dimensional bodies that are relevant at this time, according to Divine Will and our own individual I AMs. The two complement each other and dove-tail beautifully, and she believes, are very important for humanity at this critical time!  Yuk Yee is a graduate of the School of Enlightenment and Healing, and is ordained after the Order of the Melchizedek.  

Schedule of Upcoming Classes:

NO classes are scheduled at this time.  Please check the School of Remembering website or contact me, Yuk Yee, for a referral to a teacher in your area. 

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1.  Visit the School of Remembering and become a member for a one time fee of $14.99.  This is required in order to register for the class, and also entitles you to a number of nice benefits including the ability to download your certificate and post-workshop support via video reviews.   All of this is explained in detail here:   http://theschoolofremembering.net/sor/registration

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