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I cannot tell you how priceless your sessions have been.  There is in my mind no price you can set on peace and mental health!

I have been involved in natural health for over 20 years. On and off for over 24 years I had gone to counselors for some emotional issues, and was put on periodic anti-depressant medications.  In just one session (with yYuk Yee) I saw tremendous change in outlook!  I did not have the sadness, anger, depression near as bad.  After a couple more sessions things have changed dramatically in my life for the better.  These are changes that I know are permanent, not just for the day, week, month or year!  Forever!

I do need to tell you about yesterday’s session, and this is going to make your eyes pop out of your head (at least it did mine!)  After we pulled the (energetic) hooks out yesterday (from the back of the pelvic area)...I went to use the restroom.  To my surprise, a whole bunch of blood came flowing out of my uterus.  Now take in mind; my cycle for the month is over and in all of my years of the menstrual cycle I have never had break through bleeding!  When I came home there was no more blood nor this morning.  I guess this just goes to prove to myself how much this woman WAS anchored into me!  I do feel more energy today and mental focus. 

After our session, I went home to an eventful evening with real estate issues, although truly for the first time it didn’t get to me.  This issue was monumental, and upsetting – but it did not negatively affect me as in the past.  I did not get all wrapped up in it, as the other two agents (one bawling hysterically out of control!)

I also want to mention about my 14 year old daughter who has always disliked school.  Resisted going, every single day.  She got involved in associations that I felt were not healthy for her – including Goth, emmo etc... I worried if drugs, sex alcohol would be next.  After one Karmic Clearing session with Yuk Yee she wanted to wear colored clothes vs BLACK!  She wanted her hair back to her natural color and two weeks later wanted to do modeling school!  I EVEN got a call from the school principal saying that they had noticed “a 180” and her teachers were commending her and encouraging her to keep up the good work!  As a parent I can truly say had I known long ago about Yuk Yee’s services I would have been there in a heart beat!  To me there is no price on having a child who wants to succeed vs. the child of many needs.  I had spent thousands on counseling and medicines, and to have her free of all that and regaining her confidence is so wonderful!

Again, thank you, you are truly a blessing that no amount of finance can cover.  I honor you and the work you do!  Blessings!

Vallery, PA


It was so easy to let go and put myself in your hands for the clearing we did yesterday...I want to thank you again for that, Yuk Yee.
-A. P., PA 


“The physical improvements I have experienced since I began working with Yuk Yee both as a client and as a student, have been surprising and very real … I am an independent person who likes to be able to do things for myself, and I have been grateful for Yuk Yee’s willingness to teach … She is always seeking to expand her repertoire of skills, and to share her knowledge and experience with others … I (am) deeply impressed by her intelligence, honesty and non-presumptive demeanor … While I did not come to her seeking spiritual enlightenment, I have found it delightful to explore that side effect of my healing process as well…  I have become a much more healthy and stable person”… Sharon

“In my four years in healing schools and contact with at least a dozen therapists, I have met no one who holds a presence for me to learn in with so much an honoring of my essence, as Yuk Yee.  (She) … made short suggestions not directed at my intellect, and stood quietly, giving me time to risk merging deeper with my client.  The results were profound.  I don’t know where her ability to honor comes from … at any rate I don’t think it can be taught.” Jim S., CO (Feedback from School for Enlightenment and Healing San Diego, C.A.)