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Grounding into Ascension
A Series of mini-Workshops


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"In order to Ascend, one must fully Descend."

"You can't cross the river without getting wet."

"What is needed now?"  Looking back, things have changed so very much in the past 25-30 years - yet for those of us who have been on this "journey of Awakening," it seems that the perennial wisdom of these quotes rings more true than ever.  

While the journey is much like Alice's adventures - a fun house Wonderland filled with distractions, mesmerizing side shows, rabbit holes, looking glasses to peer into - yet, there are recognizable stages and signposts, as well as certain requirements and rites of passage, it seems, for those whose desire is to see clearly and to find their way back home.

But: How to sort things out as we go along?  What reference points can we trust? How to tell if we are lost, or fooling ourselves? How to develop the skills for the journey to multi-dimensional self-mastery, or where to go to even talk about such things?  

My vision is simply to offer a place, a space, where folks can safely speak their heartfelt questions and doubts, regain their bearings if they feel a bit stuck or lost, share stories, wisdom, insights, and counterpoints. touch-stone for connections that feed the soul.

Of course, as your guide, I will draw from my own journey's experiences and mixed bag of skills - having been a fellow traveler/teacher/counsellor/guide/energy worker/multi-dimensional being - but this is an opportunity for all of us to meet in a light-hearted way, to enjoy the mystery of it all, to share and help one another if we can.  I must be clear here:  this is a group experiential adventure, not intended to be a substitute for individual counseling or process work.

The Format:  We will use a blend of meditations, exercises, and stories to assist your own process of grounding and anchoring to the Heart frequencies of Mother Earth/Lady Gaia, and thereby to all aspects of yourselves. And as a focal point, there will be a theme for each workshop.  However, my hope is that each meeting will unfold organically, and a real sense of community will build as we go forward.   

The Wrap: There is a saying that "You can't push the river," and at the same time, that "You can't cross the river without getting wet."   Which is to say, that there are no 'shoulds' and also no shortcuts - each of us is simply where we are, and who we believe ourselves to be - until we aren't there, or that, anymore!

At the end of the day, my hope for each and everyone of us is that we will all come away with a personal gem from each workshop, and through expanding our awareness together while at the same time firmly grounding our connection to this dimensional reality, we will become more adept as multi-dimensional beings, all part of a much greater whole.  

In other words - to find that we have been home all along.

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Please use the drop-down PayPal button below to submit your payment in advance of each workshop on the list, and include a note with your payment indicating the date(s) you are interested in. (You may also email Yuk Yee directly through this website to confirm your personal information and preferences.) There is no stipulation to commit to every date on the schedule, however, anyone who may be interested is strongly encouraged to attend the first Introduction Workshop.

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Grounding into Ascension/A Series of mini-Workshops

Every fourth Sunday starting on March 6, between 2pm-6pm, at a cost of $99 per segment in the series.

* This Series of mini-Workshops is a pilot run, so your honest feedback will be invaluable. * 

DATES scheduled so far for 2016:  MAY 1 & 29, JUNE 26

LOCATION:   Enchantments, 181 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

CONTACTS:  Adria Crum at http://www.enchantmentsbrooklyn.com/Contact-.html or TEL: 347-949-1011

                       Yuk Yee through this website

Grounding into Ascension