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For Relaxation, Pain Management ...and Beyond

Nowadays, we are so fortunate to have many tools and practices available which provide safe, non-invasive, effective ways to bring our "mind-body-spirit" into balance and wholeness, and to facilitate personal and spiritual growth!  

"Science" increasingly (finally!) is substantiating the reality of a vibrational and holographic universe:  a "field of consciousness" - and the implications are far-reaching.  

Remarkable studies are being documented which illustrate tangible results of focused intention, and substantiate the profound power of healing techniques which engage the frequencies of compassion, forgiveness, appreciation, gratitude, faith, trust, and Love.  My personal favorites are Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing (SMDH,) EFT and the work of Mary A. Hall, but the very same elements are embedded in doing "einstellen," H'oponopono, Karmic Clearing, Space Clearing, Quantum Matrix Healing, Entity Removal, Reiki,etc. 

As well, advances in neuro-science are highlighting the importance of the connection between conscious and sub-conscious programming - and with this:  exciting, practical techniques which help us to effectively access, neutralize, and reprogram layered, deep-seated sub-conscious patterns and beliefs which may have held us back from connecting with the Truth of who we are - until now. 

The benefits of working from an "energetic (vibrational) perspective" are enormous - and hopefully, becoming clearer to the reader! - with 'results' ranging from: 

  • Simple relaxation and an overall sense of balance and well-being, to 
  • Effective Pain Management
  • Accessing clear personal guidance
  • Releasing physical and emotional pain, addictive behaviors, entrenched limiting sub-conscious patterns, beliefs or phobias, to 
  • Opening to new levels of personal perspective, self-awareness, creativity, inner freedom, and yes - joy! - in short, a deeply transformative and life-changing experience.   
So - I hear you asking (with a touch of impatience:) "That's all well and good, but what can be expected from a 'typical session?"

On the most basic level, an energy balancing session is very beneficial in restoring a sense of calm, centeredness, inner balance and well-being. It is the foundation of self-care. The effectiveness of subtle energetic modalities such as Reiki, EFT, SMDH,  etc., is well recognized in reducing  pain (and often the medications associated with pain manangement.)  

Often, acute or chronic pain is associated with an energy blockage which can be simply sensed as an anomaly or "stuck place" in the bio-energetic field. This can be experienced as a simple head-ache, or trauma-related pain, or auto-immune and other neuropathies.  Or the client's attention simply is drawn to a specific location in the physical body.  These are all indications of a lack of flow - and this is my starting point.

In my experience, the magic begins with anchoring a sacred, supportive, stable, healing heartspace.  We bring to this a deep attention, a deep listening, connecting with the client.  We allow in the Breath that is the beginning of movement, of softening, and restoration of Flow.  

The next step is to feel into and connect energetically with the blockage.  Each case is individual, with its own energetic signature - and can feel like a complicated knot. However, when we listen deeply and openly, it begins to "teach" us what is needed in order to unravel, and as it does, often emotional components and insights surface to be released or reconciled.  The releasing or "re-patterning" of these can lead to profound shifts and healings.

The process is never predictable, and often is quite beautiful and amazing with a life and rhythm of its own. The tools/techniques are always secondary to the artistry of "keeping all the balls in the air," drawing upon the perfect tool(s) for the job in the moment, while staying finely tuned in to the unfolding of the process.

My simple desire and deep wish is to support, facilitate and guide this process for my clients.   It is always a joy and an honor to walk beside them in their journeys towards self-healing and remembrance!

A standard 90-minute session is recommended, however, benefits will be derived from even a 30-minute "mini-session.





30 or 60-minute Mini-Sessions: 
recommended for:

•    Simple relaxation, and a quick assessment of the client’s energy field.

Standard 90-minute Sessions
recommended for:

•   A session with a specific focus
•   Occasional ‘maintenance’
•   Less than 2 sessions per month 

A Contract for Extended Work
recommended for:

•    more complex issues
•    when on-going support is needed between sessions
•    when more than one session per month is desired.

The Extended Contract includes:   

     •    Documentation
     •    Flexibility of session length according to need
     •    Preferential scheduling
     •    On-going support between sessions
     •    Distance energetic work, as needed
     •    Periodic review of the process.

The fixed rate for Extended Work is based on (3) hour-long sessions OR (2) 90-minute sessions per month.

Full payment is expected prior to beginning of work.  This solidifies the on-going commitment and connection of both parties and keeps the on-going focus on the work.   




Private Sessions

$120.00 / 1 hour

$180.00 / 1-1/2 hours

$220 / 2 hours

Private Sessions
"Mini" Session $65.00 / 1/2 hours
Extended Contract $360 / month

Gift Certificate

Please see below*
Karmic Clearing $180.00 / session


*Gift Certificate:  Please "Contact Me!" with the necessary information and I would be delighted to arrange for delivery (by email or snail mail) to the lucky recipient!  We can customize the amount of your gift as well.

Sessions at a Distance are available at the same rates as above.  Hands-on and Mini Sessions are not available at a distance.

House calls may be arranged at the discretion of the practitioner, at an additional charge.

Full payment is expected at the time of service, unless prior arrangements have been made otherwise.